A recent survey finds that most employees give their HR department a C when it comes to Open Enrollment.

What are some of the biggest complaints?

” The biggest causes of open enrollment frustration are

1) constant changes in plans,

2) collateral that’s hard to understand, and

3) the rushed process.”

The study also shows that employees would prefer to give up “perks” in exchange for better healthcare choices.

“Of the perks they’re willing to ditch, 47% of respondents selected the company holiday party and happy hours. But only 7% of employees are willing to sacrifice vacation days—perhaps because time off is a health benefit in and of itself.”

Many plans renew in the fourth quarter which is already a busy time. Be sure to work with a professional and keep in mind communication is key, and don’t underestimate the time it takes to educate, communicate and enroll employees.

And maybe it’s okay to forgo that office party.