Quoting Disclosures

Updated 4/3/2017

Information important to you concerning online insurance quotes:

When you submit an online insurance quote, these are not to be considered applications for insurance. Online quotes serve as estimates only and are dependent upon the accurate information provided to us by you. This information is subject to change based upon several factors such as verification of information, updated census information and more. Receipt of an online insurance quote should never be considered final or a guarantee of issuance as further steps are required to secure and process your application whether submitted as an individual or group application.

The questions we ask in our online insurance quote requests may vary from the questions asked on an application per the carrier and the state of issuance. Online insurance quotes are based upon the information provided to us so please be as accurate as possible. If information is missing, it may impede our ability to provide an online quote.

Should you have any questions or concerns as it relates to insurance quotes do not hesitate to reach out to us at helpme@tanyaboydassociates.com. We can be reached at 972.203.8180.