Welcome to my first mobile app post. Considering the size of my font, age of my eyes, & length of my nails, this is a VERY courageous move.  Typos are likely.

But sometimes there are quick little tips I want to share in the fastest way possible. Like, a brand new Special Enrollment Period for health insurance!

So, CHECK IT OUT:  If your employer has an open enrollment period, or renewal, and those dependent premiums make your head spin, you’ve got options!  You can now move your spouse or children to an individual plan if it makes more sense financially. Remember child only policies?  THEY’RE BACK!

Wanna learn more?  Save money?  Just know you’re doing the right thing?  Call us. Text us. Email us. Tweet us.

Just do it. 972-898-6908

And thanks for being a part of my first Mobile app post for Tanya’s Tidbits.

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